In our production we have technologies to work with board materials. We work with plastics, metal and wood and now we offer also displays from corrugated cardboard. We focuse on POS materials, but we can also do other parts according to your requirements or drawings.

Cutting of board materials

  • We process materials such as LTD, MDF, hard plastics, aluminum composites (bonded boards)
  • Cutting on a saw
  • CNC cutting and engraving with Multicam milling machines
  • CNC with oscillating cutting for soft plastics, rubber, cardboard
  • Laser Multicam and a diamond polisher for PMMA

Our technologies for processing plastic materials



We are able to process plastic materials such as hard and soft plastics, foils, elastic, etc. using various techniques.


We use several technologies to join plastic materials. In addition to adhesive tapes, we use modern UV bonding technology.


We use bending technology for the production of various products.


In our printing workshop, we can print flat, roll or 3D materials using digital printing or screen printing.


We can prepare stickers, cut graphics on a plotter, provide roll graphics with a protective laminate layer, and then apply them to your product.

Die cutting

Die cutting is suitable for a larger series of products.


Creates a motif by removing material. This technology is an ideal solution when a long durability is required.


We polish the edges of plastics such as acrylic by machine or or by hand using diamond tools.

Printing and branding of flat and 3D materials

  • We print on wood and plastic flat materials (up to 48 mm on a flatbed printer)
  • Printing direct colors with silk-screen printing for a perfect and highly durable result
  • Digital flatbed UV printing CMYK + white
  • Large Format printing of roll materials
  • Cutting plotter (vinyl cutter)
  • Lamination of stickers for high durability

Bending and bonding of board materials and foils

  • Machine and manual bending of soft and hard plastics
  • Bonding with different glues and adhesive tapes
  • UV bonding as an exclusive design for clear bonded connections without bubbles
  • Bonding of edges under 45° or 90°

Production of cardboard stands

  • We offer displays from  three-layer and five-layer corrugated cardboard
  • With lacquer or laminated
  • With high-quality offset printing
  • Delivered flat or 3D folded, empty or pre-filled with products

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