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Large format digital printing is nowadays the most used print technology for advertising. It allows you to create prints from one piece directly from your computer in a very short time. The main advantage of large format printing is, among other things, time flexibility and the ability to print anything almost instantly. There is no need to produce printing films.

Another advantage is the ability to print on a wide range of materials. Solvent digital printing can be applied to paper, blue-back billboard paper, PVC sticker (glossy, matt, transparent, translucent), PVC canvas - banner - frontlit, backlight, blackout, PVC mesh. UV digital printing is suitable for printing plate materials such as plexiglass, PS, PVC, dibond, PET, but also for banner, cardboard or sticker.


  • Speed
  • Lower costs for low-serie printing



  • No exact PANTONE or RAL shade (all colors are composed of CMYK)
  • It cannot print metallic or reflective colors
  • Prints are less resistant then screen printing


Our equipment:

  • UV OCÉ Arizona printer for board materials
  • MUTOH ValueJet roll printer
  • EMBLEM Prime laminator
  • Cutting plotter MUTOH KONA