Upravit stránku
We will provide an attractive solution for presenting your products, whether phone, hand cream or insurance. Standard promotables are available in our e-shop. Due to the variety of requirements we do other product stands usually custom-made. 
Call us at +420 283 892 140 or write to info@sara.cz, we will prepare an offer for you with pleasure.

Product stands

We do custom-made advertising stands tailored for your product.

We offer counter, wall and floor displays, with shelves, slatwall or blister hooks, from a smallest displays to a complete shop-in shop. For shorter campaigns choose cardboard stands, for long-term usage go for permanent stands from wooden, metal and plastic materials.


Choose a promotable for your ad campaign and new product presentation. We offer promostables of various sizes and shapes.

Promotables can be used not only for tasting new products in shops, but also for presentation of services or political party program. Take advantage of customized topper to make your presentation very visible.