You can produce an attractive offer flyer, product catalog or profile brochure but it will not fulfill its purpose if you underestimate the way they are displayed. What you should consider when making a decision? What type of floor stand or leaflet dispenser is the right one for you?

Even the ecological orientation of many companies did not diminish the significance of the leaflets. On the contrary, in times of rising inflation, they are a highly sought-after marketing medium that helps one navigate through the tangle of price offers. They are still one of the most cost-effective promotional tools, especially if we consider the range of information they communicate. If you want your flyers to be not only visually and content attractive, but also effective in terms of their distribution to the target group, do not underestimate the importance of how and where they are displayed.

Counter stands are intended for small spaces. If the first steps of your customers lead to the reception or to the information desk or if they take a seat in the waiting area, the counter stands will be your preferred way of displaying. Here you can place flyers informing about events, news, product offers, or company magazines. The checkout zone is also a suitable space. You can place there  counter stands for various leaflets promoting the competition, survey cards or business cards with contact information, a link to social networks or an e-shop. You can also use the portable counter displays for educational materials about selected products. Choose appropriate size of the dispenser according to the format of the leaflets. At the same time, consider if you are going to change its dimension, or if you have several types of flyers. In such a case, choose a flexible solution.

Wall-mounted leaflet dispensers are also space-saving. They will find a practical location at the entrance to the store or in the area where customers are waiting to be served. The leaflets placed there will give a clear, orderly and aesthetic impression. If the nature of your business allows it, you can also use them for communication within the community, for example for local advertisements.

By taking a closer look at the purchasing process and the customer´s walk through the store you may find out that the optimal placement of flyer offers will be in a space where counter or wall displays cannot be placed. Or maybe you want to test the most suitable place directly in the field. The required flexibility in placement will be provided by floor stands. You can place different flyerbox sizes there and even a panel with exchangable graphics where you can change different information or offers, for example the news of the week or the top price offer.

Digital communication in the store as a modern trend is based on a floor stand solution with a built-in LCD monitor. For example, a current advertising campaign for a new product can be running here, about which the customer will learn more from the leaflet placed in the flyerbox below the screen.

Material design does not does not need to distract attention, on the contrary, it emphasizes your direction.

The acrylic dispensers have a simple clean design, they will not distract the customers from the advertising message on the flyer. This flyer and poster presentation is easy to maintain and moreover, we can provide it with custom branding. If you want to underline the innovative, modern or sustainable direction of your company, choose a tailored solution made of metal, wood or cardboard.


Do you participate in sales events, fairs or roadshows? Consider this when choosing a stand. Whether you choose a representative floor stand or smaller counter stands, the choice should fall on a portable, easy-to-install and storable solution. Do you want to reach potential customers outside of opening hours? Our offer also includes a stand for outdoor presentation of leaflets.

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