We should not underestimate helping customers to find what they are looking for in the store. Even the pandemic recently showed that many customers preferred to shop quickly and minimized the time spent in the store. Make it easier for your customers to navigate through the retail space with an effectively positioned information system. In this way, you will help them to find the product they are looking for, encourage impulse sales, influence purchasing decisions, stimulate promotional offers and significantly contribute to a pleasant shopping experience. What options are there for navigating through the store?

Navigation system makes the walk through the store easier. It should save the customer´s energy and time when searching for goods. If you place it above eye level, it will be easily visible when walking down the aisle. An information or navigation board usually hangs from the ceiling. You can use a suspension system to fix the ceiling communication. For this type of marking, choose simple inscriptions. Choose contrasting colours, black and white, or dark and light. It can increase customer response by up to 23%.

You can also use a spacer system for marking of store departments or directional marking. You can attach it perpendicular to the wall or hang it from the ceiling, using the wall/ceiling panel grips for mounting the acrylic boards or pockets. We also offer an option with lighting. Another option for hanging information or navigation boards from the ceiling is a cable system.

Advertising signs ideally positioned at eye level will help customers to find a specific product or draw attention to a promotion. The boundaries of visual design are expanded in this case, the eye-catchers are primarily intended to attract attention. In addition to the previously mentioned distance and cable systems, the snap frames, A-stands or their more modern versions – digital displays – can be also used as the signage tools.

Lightweight LCD stands are flexible for use. They effectively attract cutomers in your retail store and create a connection with your target group. You can easily move them to the place where you currently need them, or you can easily attach them to the wall. You transmit a video or multimedia presentation via a WI-FI interface or using the SIM card and mobile internet. The content can be flexibly changed, multiple products can be advertised or a presentation of the entire product category or a tour of the store´s assortment can be prepared. If your customers are interested in the origin and sustainable production of goods, let them go behind the scenes of production in a video.

Shelf signage can effectively draw attention to ongoing promotions or product campaigns. Notices about promotions can be placed on the shelves using stoppers and small holders attached to the price rails. Their perpendicular orientation to the aisle will make them unmissable. You can also choose ones whose inclination is adjustable. They are usually self-adhesive or magnetic, for easy installation on the shelf. You can also place practical information there, which will help consumers to find their way through the offer or provide more detailed information about the product, its composition and functionality.

There are several options for an advertising and information system in the store. When choosing the tools, pay attention to the overall impression, efficient placement and functionality. Properly placed signage and eye-catching visual content will help you to communicate with customers and generate sales. The easier it is for the customer to find what he needs in the store, the greater the probability that he will rely on you in the future.

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