The strong competitive environment in retail will condemn some of your products to anonymity. The customer simply does not notice them when looking at the shelf. How can you deal with it? We offer you several solutions that will help you to highlight the product or the ongoing product event.

Parasite units will pull your new product or limited edition out of shelf anonymity.

Display strips or parasite units will pull your new product or limited edition out of shelf anonymity, you will get it in front of the shelf. The strips are attached to the shelf and we can offer you versions with hooks for hanging the products with a round hole or euro-hole, or clips for attaching light packaging without holes. Are you looking for a medium that you can match with the key visual of the advertising campaign? We can mark the strips with your logo, or even print them with an all-over graphic.

The best way to attract the attention of a customer passing through the shelves is with banners oriented perpendicular to the aisle. They are unmisable and become the ideal medium when you need to significantly communicate ongoing promotions or product campaigns. Banner holders are self-adhesive and magnetic. Their installation on the shelf is therefore extremely simple.

You can effectively attract the customer´s attention to the goods displayed on the shelf using the wobblers or the moldable aluminium strips. With the help of foam tape, you simply attach them to the shelf on one side and add the advertising medium to the other side. It is a simple and accessible way to communicate a new product, an event or a competition.

Have you tried highlighting a product on the shelf with a light?

This will enhance the effect of wobblers, stoppers or advertising messages inserted into the shelf price rail. It is an ideal solution for the launch of new products. The application is simple. Using the self-adhesive strip with integrated LEDs, your product will become unmissable. You have a choice of regularly flashing single diodes in white and red, or triple diodes that create the impression of flowing light or fireworks.

Banner holders and stoppers are probably the most distinctive carriers of in-store communication. Depending on the communication goals, they will help you convey information about the communication of news on the market, link communication with an above-line campaign, but they also serve as a communication carrier for traders. They highlight ongoing events, private label offers and products involved in loayalty programs. In addition to standardized solutions, we can also offer you holders that are tailored to your needs.

You can go beyond the typical formats of instore advertising carriers by using a more exclusive custom solution for displaying the product on the shelf. Such a solution is ideal for a new product on the market, which must attract maximum attention among many competing brands. By encasing a shelf or a part of it, you create its own world for the product, which overshadows the monotonous presentation and can handle more daring creative solutions and ideas.

If you plan to fight for the customer´s attention with modern-day advertising carriers, the D-BAR shelf rail is worth paying attention to. On the LCD display, you can communicate the current offer, event, as well as new products or services. You can easily change the content using a USB flash drive, SD card or via remote management if you have multiple devices and need to control them from one place. In that case, a W-Fi connection will suffice.

The „last-meter“ communication is the last opportunity to encourage the customer to buy. If he has two or three competing brands in view, it is likely that he will reach for the one that catches his eye the most on the shelf.

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