Are you looking for a way how to introduce to your customers the taste of a new product? Do you want to encourage them to try something unfamiliar? Explain to them the functionality of the goods? Dust off the glory of promotions, postponed due to pandemic measures, and plan a trip to meet customers directly in the store.

Successful companies know that the sales promotion is one of the most effective methods of increasing sales, customer satisfaction and brand awareness. After all, what better way to inspire than by own experience, taste on the tongue or by trying it out. According to expert sources, you can achieve up to 80 percent sales efficiency by combining sight, discussing the product and trying it out.

What POS materials will help you be visible to customers?

The basis of your promotional event in the store premises should be a promotional stand, ideally with branding of the company or the advertising campaign. The promotable can be chosen in different shapes and sizes or you can have it custom made. Make sure it is light and easy to fold into a carry bag. Are you planning to use the stand for various promotions and want to align its branding with the visuals of your advertising campaign? Choose one where the graphics can be changed.


Promotable PROMO ROTONDO with a slightly rounded front panel is light, weighing only 8.3 kg. You can handle it easily, we deliver it in a portable textile bag. We will be happy to brand it for you with a self-adhesive foil with a protective lamination. We have a choice of two versions of the top desk, in white or with beech decor. Optionally you can buy wheels for the table. 

Promotional trays are a solution for free movement around the store.

You don´t have to wait for the customer to come to your booth. Improvise, move freely around the store and approach spontaneously when you sense interest. Plastic trays are ideal help for tastings. They have adjustable straps and can be branded in accordance with the key campaign visual. The trays are characterized by their low weight, weighing only 0.6 kg. If you are planning drink tastings, you will welcome the option to purchase a cup insert for the promotional tray.

You can also supplement the contact campaign with other POS materials, which will help you to be even more visible in the store. In this way you can convey as much information as possible about a new product or an ongoing campaign. If you prefer a space-saving solution, a suitable help is a presentation roll-up. Variability in changing visuals is provided by the A-shaped stand with snap frames. 

Do you like to communicate with the target group in accordance with modern technologies, through spots and videos? The solution is portable LCD stands. They do not require any complicated assemby or installation. You can simply upload your presentation to them using Wi-Fi or mobile internet.

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