Considering the relationship between our production and the environment and human health, we set ourselves the following priorities.

Natural resources

From what resource is the material produced, is the stock of the raw material limited, is the mining sustainable?

We prefer renewable resources over fossil. We focus on production from wood-based materials such as laminated chipboard, MDF and plywood. In plastic materials we are still looking for new alternatives as bioplastics, e. g. from corn starch. If available, we prefer recycled granulate for our plastic products.

Material production process

How does the production process affect the environment and human health, what emissions and waste does it create? Is the process controlled, do we know exactly what additives the material contains?

We control the material production process at our suppliers. We prefer suppliers with environmental certificates. For PVC products containing additives, we offer an alternative of pure PET plastic that is suitable for recycling.

Transport of material

Where is the material produced, what carbon footprint does it take to deliver that into our production?

We prefer local suppliers of materials for our production, materials and components with low carbon footprint.

Material selection

What is the most environmentally friendly material?

We choose adequacy. The lifetime of the materials must reflect the expected lifetime of the product, it cannot be underestimated or exaggerated.

Product production process

How does the production process affect the environment and human health?

We focus on clean production without creating harmful emissions and waste. Material waste is minimized by perfect planning in the product development phase.

Careful choice of packaging

Is the packaging suitable for the safe transport of the products to their destination?

Packaging materials are ideally short-lived, biodegradable, made of cardboard, paper, corn starch. Old cardboard boxes we recycle into the cardboard cut, which we use as filling material. We design our packaging so that the product arrives at its destination without damage, so we perform drop tests already during the product development. The packaging is a part of the product design and development. We are involved in the EKO-KOM system, a company that operates a system of collection and recycling of packaging waste in the Czech Republic.


How can packaging and products be recycled or used at the end of their life?

We prefer recyclable and degradable materials. Our products are mainly made of plastic, metal and wood. For plastics we focus on easily recyclable PET material and we use recycled granulate for our molded products. We follow new trends in the field of compostable bioplastics and test the production from PLA plastic products.

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