Display for use in the shop window. The screen size of 43", 49" or 55" can be adjusted depending on the location, the degree of direct sunlight or the type of window glazing. Unlike a regular screen, it has nice backside too. A normal screen always has an unattractive backside. Black plastic boards with connections, cables and also players show the shop an ugly back. D-POSTER shows attractive backlit surface for a poster or printed fabric on backside. 


  • Using pictures, videos, websites
  • Always updated content
  • A high-quality image suitable for shop windows
  • Simple operation






How does remote content management work ?

Do you have offices throughout the country or even the world? With our Digital Signage software, you can control content on all devices easily from one location remotely. All you have to do is connect your device to the Internet and manage all your images, videos or other media through the web interface.

Synchronization takes place via a cloud solution. So, in the event of an Internet connection failure, the content is retrieved from the remote server when the connection is reestablished.

Preparing content is a breeze!

Upload and content management

Using the web interface, simply upload the images and videos you want to show on digital signage devices. It's as easy as adding an attachment in email. You can then sort the recorded files into folders and subfolders.

Preparation of presentation

In just a few steps, you'll set up a campaign where you can combine images, videos, or texts. E.g. the video will run at the one side and product details at the other side of screen. You can unleash your creativity or use several ready templates for quick preparation of content.


It started to rain and you want to communicate that you sell umbrellas too? Click! There it is! So fast and easy. Are you planning to run your campaign next week? Prepare your presentation in advance, simply set up start time and don't worry any more. Our digital signage software solution will launch it for you at the chosen time.

Content update

With easy and fast uploading you can maintain your content always up to date and keep up with the competition.
Are you worried that you won't be able to handle the new software? There's nothing to worry about! It's as easy as sending an email or posting a new status to a social network. And we also offer training at your company.


Screen size 43″ | 49″ | 55″
Resolution  FULL HD | 4K
Luminosity 400 | 700 | 1000 cd/m2 
Connectivity LAN | WIFI | 4G
Operation system Windows, Linux, Android, Chrome, Amazon Fire OS
Certifications CE | ROHS | FC
Colors black, white
Weight from 30 kg

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We offer you a complete solution for your instore communication. Distribute digital displays to different locations in your business premises and simply control the displayed content via remote management. At any time, you can change your message or presentation on hundreds of devices in one moment, with one click, without demanding logistics. Choose from our DIGITAL SOLUTIONS products.

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